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How Unsecured Company Loans Can Work for You

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Many lenders expect company owners to have leverage on their business loans. If your company doesn’t have a ton of cash, you might also be required to provide personal assets as leverage. The idea of losing your home if you couldn’t afford business loan payments all of a sudden can be gut-wrenching. A $1 Million Dollar Unsecured Loan is not a collateral loan and allows the funding of your company to be less costly.

$1 Million Dollar Unsecured Loan-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami

What are the advantages of a $1 Million Dollar Unsecured Loan?

Our unsecured business loans allow you to concentrate on crucial facets of your business without having to worry about losing money. Because unsecured business loans do not need equity to obtain credit, there is less chance of losing business or personal belongings. Our non-core company loan will include financial stability and versatility to fulfill the business needs. Instead of relying on collateral, we’re looking at your market prospects and we’re planning to decide whether your business is suitable for an unsecured business loan. Apply now to see if an unsecured business loan is the best one for your business.

What goes into deciding the loan amount?

It’s unusual for two loan deals from two lenders to come out with precisely the same amount. Different lenders (traditional banks, internet lenders, alternative lenders) analyze several criteria, have various algorithms, and can rely more on certain facets of the company history.

If you are involved in securing the best potential loan at the best possible rate, then start focusing on enhancing these factors:

  • Your credit score
  • Your business credit score
  • Your business’s monthly cash flow
  • Your time in business (the best way to improve this one, of course, is to continue existing)

Types of Business Loans

Small business owners that require funding have several options: term loans, small business loans, credit lines, invoice financing, and microloans. The best business loan product depends on your requirements, and the conditions, rates, and credentials of the lender differ. Here’s a rundown of the forms of company loans.

A term loan is a popular method of corporate finance. You get a lump amount of cash in advance, which you eventually reimburse with interest over a fixed duration. Internet companies provide up to $1 million in term loans that will have easier lending than banks providing small business loans.


  • Get cash upfront to invest in your company.
  • Usually higher borrowing Amounts.
  • Quick lending if you use an online lender rather than a conventional bank; usually a few days a week vs a few months.


  • can include personal assurance or collateral—an asset such as real estate or business assets that the lender can sell if you default.
  • Costs can vary; term loans from online lenders usually face higher costs than those from conventional banks.

Perfect for:

  • Company seeking to grow.
  • Borrowers who have good credit and a solid company, and who don't want to wait a long time for financing.

The Small Business Administration guarantees the loans provided by banks and other lenders. Repayment periods for SBA loans rely on how you intend to use the money. They span from 7 years of working capital to 10 years of purchasing machinery and 25 years of the purchase of the real estate.


  • some of the lowest retail rates.
  • Strong leverage is up to $5 million.
  • Long terms of repayment.


  • Hard to apply for this.
  • Long and comprehensive implementation method.

Perfect for:

  • businesses trying to extend or refinance current loans.
  • Strong-credit investors who have a long time to wait for financing.

A credit line offers access to funds up to the credit cap, and you incur interest only on the money you've received. It will provide greater versatility than a term loan.


  • A versatile method of borrowing.
  • Usually unsecured, so no collateral is needed.


  • can bear extra expenses, such as repair fees and draw-up fees.
  • High sales and credit standards.

Perfect for:

  • short-term funding purposes, cash flow control, or unforeseen handling.
  • Seasonal corporation.

Equipment loans help you purchase equipment for your company, possibly involving heavy-duty vehicles. (Business auto loans for automobiles, vans, and light trucks are available.) Usually, the loan duration of the machinery refers to the estimated life period of the equipment and the equipment acts as security for the loan. Rates would rely on the value of your equipment and the strength of your company.


  • You own the machinery and you create equity in it.
  • If you have good credit and company finances, you will get reasonable rates.


  • You can have to make a down payment.
  • Equipment will get out of date quicker than the duration of the funding.

Perfect for:

  • a company that needs to own machinery.

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How to Purchase a Company when you have no Collateral

Find a seller who’s able to provide funding.

If you follow this path, be mindful that under the regulations of the SBA, the vendor would not be entitled to claim a refund for a term of two years. Interest may accrue over two years, and fees may be amortized after two years. This could be a topic of interest to the vendor, so make sure you mention it.

Make the offer appealing to partners.

Under the laws of the SBA, no one partner can hold more than 20% of the equity in the purchased company without needing to agree on the loan and becoming individually liable. You should be happy with the possibility of signing personal assurances on a bank loan, even if borrowers may not be likely to do so, so make sure that no single investor crosses the 20% mark.

How Unsecured Company Loans Support Your Industry

Almost any form of company has short-term cash requirements to fund capital business spending to maintain its activities on track. Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami has expertise in offering enterprise finance options in nearly any form of sector.

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Why use Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami?

Nobody has a more personalized solution, with seasoned Loan Professionals to help you on any phase of the way and address concerns regarding your financing. Our method makes things quick and convenient to get the money you need to pay your company expenses.

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