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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial real estate loans are intended to help investors buy new commercial properties, renovate income-producing properties, or refinance real estate debts on properties they already hold. However, commercial real estate loans are close to conventional mortgage loans for individuals, though there are several important distinctions that small business owners can consider.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami-coral gables FL

Commercial and industrial loans

The commercial and industrial loan is usually a short-term instrument intended to fund the purchase or development of a company. Because these loans are backed through equity in the form of real estate purchased by a company, interest rates are typically lower than certain other forms of lending.

Multi-Family Loans

A multi-family house is a property with two or four different housing units in the same building. For example, a duplex is a common construction style for a two-unit residence, typically with a house separated in the center and a separate living area on either side. Investing in a duplex or multifamily home will help you earn steady revenue, accumulate long-term wealth, and, in certain situations, also ensure you have a place to live in for the near future.

Mixed Family Loans

Many people may not know that even though mixed-use properties may have a residential aspect, they are usually known to be commercial real estate. This means that investors intending to use a mortgage to acquire such property would need to purchase a commercial loan.

We specialize in Mixed-Use property loans at Commercial Real Estate Loan of Miami in Coral Gables. So, if you’re an owner-occupant, a private investor, or an LLC, and if you’re purchasing a Mixed-Use property or would like to refinance your current Mixed-Use loan, please contact us. Our dedicated commercial real estate lending division is here to support you. One of our professional mortgage loan advisors would be able to find the right creative loan package to help you meet your goals.

Construction loans

Construction loans are taken out to offset the capital and labor expenses of constructing buildings such as offices, storefronts, manufacturing parks, multi-family residential units, and more. If an undeveloped property has already been acquired, it may be used as security for the building loan (as can the building materials).

Private Money Loans

Private money loans – or literally private money – is a word used to define a loan granted to a person or a company by a private institution or even a rich individual. The company or entity is referred to as a private money lender.

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Hard Money Loan

Hard money is a way to invest without the usage of conventional mortgage lenders. Loans come from people or investors who lend money based (mostly) on the property you use as leverage.

A hard money loan is a form of loan backed by real property. Hard money loans are called “last option” loans or short-term bridge loans. These loans are mostly used in real estate deals, with the lender usually being persons or businesses and not banks.

Knowing what kind of loans are available and how they operate will help you make the smartest decision, so you can develop a bigger and more successful enterprise. Contact us at Commercial Real Estate Loan of Miami, in Coral Gables for the support of our expert in some loans.

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