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What are Private Money Loans?

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Private money loans – or private money – is a word used to define a loan granted to a person or a company by a private institution or even a rich individual. The company or entity is referred to as a private money lender.

Private money is typically issued to investors without the conventional certification requirements required by a bank or a lending agency. The big problem is that private money loans may also be very risky, both for the borrower and the lender. With less oversight, the creditor has greater flexibility to use the loan for less than desirable purposes.

Private money loans-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami
Many private money loans are subject to existing prevailing interest rates. They can, however, be considerably more costly. If the lender understands what the loan may be used for, a higher interest rate will have to be paid if the risk level of the planned undertaking is high.

Popular questions regarding private commercial money loans

Here are the most popular questions we get when it comes to private money loans for commercial real estate:

A: Make sure you've got all the documents together – every underwriter would possibly ask you questions regarding the property and your background as an owner. This is the aspect that typically requires the most time, so be prepared ahead of time.

A: Hard money costs are higher than conventional bank loans. Although they are riskier, quicker, and needless underwriting, the rate is higher. Usually, hard money loans would be 4-5 percent more than the regular interest rate.

A: Banks take a long time to accept loans and also apply very strict requirements for financing transactions. So if you have a particular case or situation, you may be out of luck. Hard money loans are also great for borrowers who want to close a sale fast and can't wait for bank approval for 45 days. Hard money is not for all circumstances, but some borrowers cannot purchase land otherwise, due to hard money loans. If you need to collect cash in less than 24 hours, you may want to contact our Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami representative team today.

A: Yes. Hard money loans for commercial real estate are centered on asset-based underwriting. This implies that your credit score is less important than the strength of the property you're purchasing. Your experience is always relevant, and a decent credit score helps a lot – but poor credit borrowers do still qualify for hard money loans.

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We expect that hard money loans would transform the lending game much like the sharing economy has transformed transportation. Private lenders and real estate owners, without the constraints of conventional banks, will drive the next great change in real estate finance. Through hard money lending, you can find a financial partner that shares your vision of success, particularly if your concept is out of the ordinary. Private hard money loans allow real estate developers to venture into investment paths that are not otherwise feasible.

Hard money lenders are mostly real estate owners themselves, who recognize the risk requirements of the transaction and therefore underwrite the loan dependent more on the strength of the collateral. An asset-based approach to lending means quicker clearance and borrowing, and less time lost – which means that you can go on to the next contract more easily. Our strategy is one hundred percent customer-focused – we don’t ask you to sign an exclusive deal or compensate us in advance. If Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami can’t offer you a loan, you don’t owe us anything – it’s that easy.

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Standard loans and Hard-Money loans: the Real distinction

Conventional lenders will gather details on the credit of the applicant. This involves credit ratings and credit assessments. Standard lenders want to perform a comprehensive review of you to verify that you are prepared to pay off the loan. You might need a loan for a lot of items, including a house, a company, a home, a mortgage. Whatever the form of property might be, selecting the conventional way of securing a loan may be a lengthy operation. You can have blemishes on your credit records, dependent on passive profits, or have a poor FICO ranking. These issues are also kept, as credit records hold onto these details. The smallest hiccup will make things difficult or impractical to get a standard loan or business loans from traditional lenders.

As hard money providers, we have radically different, customer-friendly loan criteria! We pride ourselves on competitive rates and top-tier loan values that allow our clients to start investing right away.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami’s vast lending network helps any investor to find the right form of commercial real estate loan at the right moment! That’s what helps us stand out from other lenders. If the investor is not pleased with the loan programs offered in a given state, it is often necessary to search for loan programs in other states.

Our huge lending network won’t disappoint anybody, so we are certain we will have something for everyone! Some of our loan services make it easier to refinance loans. Commercial real estate refinancing is no longer a tough deal with Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami, offering a plethora of competitive loan services in Miami, Florida (FL).

Contact us today to discuss your requirements. The application process is fast, and we’ll walk you through every step of the way. We look forward to helping you get the best commercial loan possible and meet your standards. Feel free to leave your details and one of our experts will call you back to help you receive the loan you need, to make your dreams a reality.

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