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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial real estate lending is offered to fund income-producing properties that are to be developed, refinance and restructure current real estate financing, and purchase troubled or non-performing loans (NPLs). Loans are used to fund investment/acquisition of real estate or to refinance current facilities, with much of the others being loans for construction of the property and unsecured real estate lending.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami-miami beach FL

Commercial industrial loans

Much as when you purchase a house and take out a mortgage, you can even take out a mortgage when you buy a commercial property. Commercial real estate loans enable companies to buy or renovate the property and fund it with a loan. Many commercial real estate loans include the owner-occupied property, which ensures that the company would physically live in at least 51% of the building. If the property is not the majority owner-occupied, creditors may look for an investment property loan instead.

Mixed-use loans

Mixed-use property lending refers to properties that consist of several units for various reasons, namely residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional. Any building with at least two different-use units is eligible for mixed-use financing.

Both company owners and real estate investors can qualify for a mixed-use property loan. Company owners may often remain in one of the residential units and work out of the commercial premises, whereas real estate developers will usually serve as landlords for both residential and commercial tenants.

Multi-family loans

Commercial multi-family loans can be short-term or long-term loans for the production, acquisition, or even renovation of multi-family real estate with five or more units. Loans usually start at about $500,000, rising all the way to tens of millions of dollars. Interest rates, period rates, loan caps, and down payment conditions can also differ based on the particular funding program.

Private money Loan

Private money loans – or private money – is a phrase used to describe a loan given to a person or company by a private entity or even a wealthy individual. The company or individual shall be referred to as a private money lender. Private money is normally made accessible to borrowers without the traditional qualification criteria required by a bank or a lending agency. Speak to Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami in Miami Beach to see if you qualify.

Hard money Loan

A hard money loan, also known as a bridge loan, is a short-term loan used before an individual or company either secures permanent funding or reduces the responsibility by the selling of the property. Hard-money loans typically have higher interest rates than traditional or bank loans and are written off over shorter amounts of time. Typical hard money loans or bridge loans run for 12 to 18 months.

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Private money loan

Construction Loans are a critical phase in beginning or growing a company. Any company requires a workspace, but construction is costly, whether you are constructing a new space or remodeling a current one. Commercial Building Loans are explicitly intended to help you compensate for these investments and bring your company up and running.

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