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What are Private Funding Loans?

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Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami is the nation’s leading lender to real estate developers. We make it simple to fund all of your fix-and-flip ventures, new constructions, residential properties, and multi-family portfolios. We have evolved and developed to provide national rental financing and hard money lenders with the potential to offer hard money loans to real estate developers around the world, including Miami. We look forward to partnering with investors while they seek to explore the possibilities that arise in the real estate industry today.

Private funding loans-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami

Unmatched Borrower Experience

Customer Service is key to the general experience of the borrower. Our Market Analysts staff are highly informed of our loan services as well as the fields in which we lend and can collaborate with the investor to underwrite the loan from the moment the application is sent for the closure and financing of the loan.

We have been able to differentiate ourselves from other conventional hard money lenders by making our pledge never to charge our creditors any hidden expenses or junk fees. We are completely capitalized and close and finance our loans easily. In the hard money sector, we also give the most simple rates and conditions.

What are we going to do for you?

Private Money lenders in Miami, offer short-term loans to individuals buying residential or commercial real estate. Private money loans need lenders to have leverage, typically in the form of real estate. This measure is intended to minimize the burden borne by private money lenders in these high-risk transactions.

Specifically, developers utilize private Moneylenders to purchase investment properties reasonably easily since they do not use traditional standards to allocate credit to borrowers. In comparison to bigger financial entities, such as governments, private money lenders have a more agile strategy. This allows them to circumvent a variety of red tapes and lengthy paperwork to minimize turnaround time.

Time is of the essence while a real estate transaction is being finalized. Getting the cash ready will make all the difference and allow the customer the ability to negotiate. This is why we always see that a borrower utilizes a Private Money loan as a temporary or short-term loan option. Private Money is a “stepping-stone loan” to purchase a property easily as one obtains a more common funding option such as a standard mortgage.

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Private Money Lending Terms

Private Money Lenders can lend value to virtually every real property, but the loan must still be protected in the first instance. This means that the lender can first pay off their high-risk loan if the property is refinanced or leased. Private money loans are usually short-term, with a median loan term of two or three years.

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Reliable Hard Money Lenders in Miami

Quick Repair and Financing for Flip

Asset Based Lending offers borrowers the opportunity to spot a problem property and to see if it can be turned into a perfect, ready-to-sell home with money to buy a property and conduct a rehab job. Home repair and flip loans are the relations between profitability and equity in this situation, and these real estate investor loans have always been our primary target. We concentrate on 12-month loans to seasoned customers and practitioners, but we also lend to eligible first-time borrowers.

To leverage on investment opportunities, the pace is key and we offer funding options that traditional lending organizations cannot manage.

New Construction

Seasonal and business dynamics can therefore determine the need for fast and scalable loan schemes for new construction. Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami offers new building loans where traditional finance is not the correct solution. New building loans are only open to seasoned developers, architects, and designers who will usually borrow up to 70% of the land valuation and 100% of the construction costs.

Although our underwriting standards for construction loans are adjustable, with no minimum credit score specifications, investors should be confident of our confidence in them and we would not agree to a loan if our experience does not persuade us that anyone participating in the transaction can make a profit.

We Are The Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami – Asset Based Hard Money Lenders

Provided that our hard money loans are based on the valuation of an investment property rather than on the credit of the borrower, we will finance transactions for investors who are unable to secure traditional funding due to a recent foreclosure, poor credit, or short selling. And with contaminated credit, the borrower may secure a hard money loan using the valuation of the investment property as leverage. This type of loan is a perfect choice for anybody from newcomers with a small credit history to seasoned buyers seeking to free up cash and scale their company.

​We fund hard money loans for single-family, multi-family, mixed-use, and commercial-investment properties.

​Hard money interest rates for an asset-based loan are typically greater than those on traditional mortgages. Interest rates on hard money loans vary from 7.49 percent to 9.99 percent, and affordable loan services give qualified borrowers some of the highest rates in the sector. Hard money lenders usually charge higher interest rates owing to the higher risk involved with these loans and the unprecedented pace at which they can handle and finance purchases. Hard money loans are a very useful option for borrowers who like to act rapidly.

A Local Direct Hard Money Lender

Where investment prospects are involved, our company understands how crucial it is to speed up the funding required for your business. At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami, we provide hard money loans for most forms of property. In comparison to the tedious method of bank mortgages that may take up to forty-five days, we can accept your hard money loan and supply you with funds at an estimated closing period of only 14-25 days, our team is here to easily assist you in every phase of the way.

As the nationally leading direct private money lender, we’re here to supply you with hard money loans for your investment property-to finance your real estate goals!

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