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What is a construction loan?

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A construction loan is a short-term loan provided by a bank for the sole intent of funding a new residence or another real estate project. A conventional mortgage, commonly known as a permanent loan, will assist you in buying an established property. A construction loan, on the other hand, will help you create a new house from the ground up, particularly if you still need to buy the raw property. We specialize in construction loans at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami.

Commercial Construction Financing-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami

How do construction loans work?

The loan will be applied to someone who is spending their time and money on a building or associated expenditures. An individual homeowner, a builder, or a small business owner may use construction loans to fund their construction project. If you purchase the house, the equity that you have in the property will be used as a down payment on your building loan. Most investors wonder how a building loan transforms into a mortgage.

The applicant will refinance the building loan into a permanent mortgage until the house is completed and the duration of the loan has expired (usually just one year). Alternatively, the creditor may qualify for a new loan to pay off the construction loan (often referred to as a “mid loan”).

Will, the borrower makes monthly contributions on a building loan? Yes, but interest payments on this loan may only be needed if the building project is already ongoing. Unlike a lump sum loan, building loans are equivalent to a line of credit, but interest is based only on the exact amount you repay to fund each part of a project rather than all at once. Any construction loans which cause the balance to be paid off completely by the time the project is complete.

Commercial Construction Loans

If you’re thinking broader and preparing to create a multi-family house or condo complex, high-rise, multi-unit shopping center, commercial office building, or some form of a larger project, then you should be searching for a commercial development loan.

Lenders for new commercial construction loans for buildings and related major projects are highly risk-avoidant and would expect a developer to bear much of the burden by covering up to 90 percent of the expense of the build. If you’re dealing in this sort of commercial undertaking, you’ll need to be armed with a ton of cash on hand to finance the building yourself.

Why Acquire Commercial Construction Financing?

  1. Purchase Tools and Materials: You will use a building loan to purchase material and machinery that would be used in the design of the new house.
  2. Expanding a Company’s Facility: If you are a small business owner with a physical position and you need to create a new office or remodel a current building, so you may use mortgage loans to fund your development project.
  3. Hiring and Educating Workers: You can use the funds from a building loan to recruit new employees for construction purposes. You will also fund tuition and preparation expenses for those workers through the building loan.
  4. Overcoming Loss or Emergency Expenses: Whether your workplace or commercial property is destroyed by unexpected events including an earthquake or other catastrophe, you will use maintenance loans to make essential fixes.
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Which Forms of Commercial Building Loans are Available?

There are several forms of commercial loans for various acquisitions and construction projects:

  • Commercial Bridge Loan – These short-term loans are sometimes used to purchase a property not yet available for long-term funding. Funding can be used to secure a decent price on a commercial site or allow property upgrades before qualifying for a mortgage.
  • Commercial Hard Money Loan – Equivalent to a bridge loan, hard money loans have limited periods and are usually used for renovations.
  • Commercial Mortgage (Traditional) – A traditional mortgage arrangement is suitable for buying a property ready for occupancy or remortgaging an established place.
  • Commercial Building Loan – Money from this form of loan can be applied against the expense of machinery and supplies for expansion or new construction. It’s typically distributed on a “draw schedule,” where the lender provided financing in smaller chunks as the project advances.
  • SBA 7(a) Loan – Eligible for buying property and houses, making repairs, or beginning new construction, these loans include generous financing on terms up to 25 years.
  • SBA 504 Loan – A 504 loan was issued primarily for the acquisition of owner-occupied real estate which appears to be split into two sections, with one component of the financing originating from a bank and another from a development company.
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Real Estate

Typical conditions for real estate loans include:

  • Enough net operating income to cover loan payments
  • Good credit score or FICO Small Business Scoring Service (SBSS) credit score
  • Restricted liability or company form
  • Strong personal credit score with a credible financial history
  • Information of property form and worth, including an assessment
  • Financial documents, such as tax statements, accounts, company records, cash flow estimates, and a business strategy


Commercial building loans often require a large volume of documentation. In addition to personal and company financial records, you will need to provide:

  • Contractor estimates
  • Project plans
  • Output predictions for the house, defined as “proforma”

Banks will want to ensure a project is progressing as scheduled which would need you to give feedback as work continues. The building is a high-risk investment, and conventional lenders are much more suspicious of supplying financing for ventures that do not pay off according to estimates.

Need Assistance Securing Commercial Construction Financing?

Qualifying for a commercial mortgage or construction loan isn’t straightforward, and often credit history will stand in the way of obtaining financing from conventional sources. If you’ve found just the right property for purchasing or are itching to get started on a building project but aren’t having success with the bank, Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami might be able to assist.

Don’t skip out on the ideal growth opportunity. Discuss your needs with a financing specialist at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami, and see if a versatile commercial loan is the best match for your company.

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