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Commercial real estate loans

Purchasing a commercial property to either open a new shop, office, factory, or extend an established one is a significant investment for a small company, and it’s typically funded by a commercial real estate loan. Entry to this form of a loan, which is comparable to a home mortgage for business property in certain cases, is dependent on a variety of criteria that differ based on the loan source. Commercial real estate loans are insured by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami-miami springs FL

Commercial and industrial loans

Commercial and industrial (C&I) loans are credit extensions to sole proprietorships, partnerships, businesses, and other corporate entities for commercial and industrial purposes, whether backed (other than by real estate) or unsecured, single-payment or installment.

Multi-family loans

Multifamily lending would be of tremendous interest to you whether you are trying to invest in a 5-story apartment complex, expand an aging quadruplex, or launch the first mobile home park loan. In a nutshell, funding enables borrowers with minimal liquid funds to buy properties by commercial loans all over the world. Even those with cash on hand often choose to fund a real estate investment rather than gamble hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in a single sale.

Mixed-use loans

Businesses and real estate developers may use mixed-use loans to fund mixed-use buildings. Multiple units zoned for various purposes, such as residential, commercial, retail, or institutional, are popular in mixed-use buildings that apply for financing. Short-term and long-term mixed-use property loans are eligible, with terms varying from six months to 30 years. Our insightful loan experts will assist you in deciding the best mixed-use property loan for your company. To initiate the application process, contact a loan specialist at Commercial Real Estate Loan of Miami in Miami Springs.

Construction loans

Construction loans are mortgages with a shorter period and a higher interest rate that support the expense of constructing or renovating a property. A construction loan is charged in payments by the lender to the builder, not the borrower when building goals are reached. Homebuilding loans are usually transferred to permanent mortgages or paid off after the construction is finished. The construction loan phase may be difficult, but it’s your chance to get everything you want in a house. Before breaking ground, discover how the different forms work and how to pick a lender.

Private money loans

We specialize in real estate-backed hard money, assisting our borrowers in securing financing where all options have collapsed. Read on to learn more about our banking services. Can’t get a loan from a typical lender in Miami? Enable us to assist you! We will benefit you even though you are self-employed, have a bad FICO credit score, or don’t have any evidence of profits.

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Hard money loans

Will you require easy hard money as a real estate investor or property owner? In Miami Springs, Miami, Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami specializes in hard money lending. Hard money loans are short-term loans backed by real property and are a convenient option to conventional bank loans. Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami specializes in hard real estate finance options if you don’t want to apply for a conventional bank loan or mainly need cash now.

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