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How to Get a Million-Dollar Business Loan

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Seeking money to finance a new company (or your current company) may be an exciting process. A strong business strategy will help you find out how much money you need to get started. Truly, most new companies begin with the owner’s cash, credit cards, friends and relatives, etc. without some sort of schedule. However, we at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami have detailed several methods for you to find the money for your new company and get your Million Dollar Business Loan.

As a small business owner, you may require a big loan at any stage in your business, if you wish to start a business, make changes, or reclaim money that has been lost. If the sum you need is particularly high, especially if it is $1 million or more, you will wonder whether any lender will give you a loan. But the tools are out there – you only have to follow the exact criteria to access them.

Million Dollar Business Loan-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami

Company Credit Factors

Creditors can review the company at a variety of levels before turning over such a significant sum of money. They’re going to want to know if the company will run on a sound basis. Your debt-to-value ratio or the sum demanded, in this case, $1 million, in comparison to the funds you have saved, may then demonstrate good capital investment as a measure of financial stability. Another factor to be noted is working capital, or total assets minus existing liabilities. And if you make enough to pay back $1 million, shareholders also expect to see enough operating capital.

Million Dollar Loan Services

Not all business-oriented grant schemes provide loan sums as high as $1 million but find those who do. One high-profile path is the General Small Business Administration Loan or 7(a) Loan, with a maximum sum of $5 million. Another alternative for a million-dollar business loan is called the CDC/504 loan scheme, which funds large acquisitions of fixed assets, such as real estate or machinery. If the small company has been disrupted by the reality that the main individual has been called to active military service and, as a consequence, the business has not been able to cover its regular operational costs, the SBA Military Reservist Economic Injury Crisis Loan program will finance up to $2 million.

How much is it going to take to pay back a $1 million company loan?

$1 million Company Loans seem to come with longer terms—usually between 10 and 25 years—and lower rates. Yet monthly installments appear to be big since the principal is so huge. On average, online loans prefer to offer higher rates than local banks, so you would want to go for a bank you trust if holding costs down is your main priority.

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Types of Company Loans

To begin their company, entrepreneurs have used a variety of start-up funding approaches, including but not limited to:

This is equivalent to invoice factoring, except instead of selling the unpaid invoices to a factoring company, you use invoices as leverage to create a cash advance.


  • Fast cash.
  • Your clients may not realize if their invoice is being funded.


  • Expensive relative to other alternatives.
  • You are also liable for receiving the payment of the invoice.

Perfect for:

  • Companies seeking to translate overdue invoices into quick cash.
  • Businesses who wish to keep leverage of their invoices.

You'll get a lump sum of cash that you can use to fund your company. Instead of making a predetermined deposit per month from a bank account like you will for a term loan, you make contributions on a merchant's cash advance either by withholding a portion of your credit and debit card transactions monthly or by making a fixed daily or weekly withdrawal from a bank account.


  • Fast cash.
  • Unsafe lending.


  • Some of the fastest interest costs—in some instances close to 350 percent.
  • Frequent repayments may trigger issues with cash flow.

Perfect for:

  • businesses that have strong and steady credit card revenues that are willing to allow regular returns.
  • Businesses who can't get money somewhere else and can't wait for cash.

A personal loan can be used for commercial purposes. It's a startup alternative, as banks normally don't lend to firms with no operational history. Approvement for these loans is based entirely on your credit score, so you're going to need decent credit to apply.


  • Start-ups and younger companies may apply.
  • Quick financing.


  • Heavy interest rate.
  • Small loan sums up to $50,000.
  • Failure to repay is likely to damage your credit.

Perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs and younger companies with a large degree of personal credit.
  • Borrowers ready to gamble losing their credit ratings.

Company credit cards are revolving credit lines. You can borrow from and reimburse the card if required, as long as you make minimum monthly payments and do not surpass the credit cap. Usually, they are best utilized to fund recurring expenditures, such as flights, office supplies, and services.


  • Receive discounts on your orders.
  • No collateral is needed.


  • High expense, with a variable rate that can improve.
  • Additional fees can apply.

Perfect for:

  • continuing company costs.

Loans are tiny loans—$50,000 or less—offered by nonprofit agencies and mission-based lenders. Usually, these loans are open to start-ups, younger companies, and businesses in marginalized areas.


  • Minimal prices.
  • Other services, such as consultancy and preparation, can be offered.


  • Smaller loan of loans.
  • You will have to comply with strict eligibility criteria.

Perfect for:

  • start-ups and companies in deprived areas.
  • Businesses needing only a limited sum of support.

We provide more knowledge on the various kinds of loans. Browse our blog to read all about it.

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Bottom line

At the end of the day, you can never pull out more money than you need from a business loan. Take the time to determine what your capital needs are and then see which alternative could help you get those funds at the most reasonable rate. Speak to one of our experts at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami.

Well-established businesses with large annual sales are more likely to be approved for company loans of $1 million or more. To find out more about lenders and read more about the other lending choices, check out our website.

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