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Commercial real estate loans

Commercial real estate loans are widely used to fund the acquisition or rehabilitation of commercial property. Lenders normally demand that the property be owner-occupied, which ensures that the company must occupy at least 51% of the room. To secure a commercial real estate loan, you must first establish the form of loan you need, which may differ based on the property and company, and then narrow down your lender choices.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami-palmetto bay FL

Commercial and industrial loans

Commercial real estate lending is used for the purchase, repair, renovation, and growth of commercial properties. Loans come in all shapes and sizes, with terms and conditions that are particular to each property and are based on considerations such as the borrower’s expertise, investment policy, and property viability. The approach to commercial lending in various cities and states can differ.

Multi-family loans

When it comes to obtaining funding for their future real estate investments, multifamily owners and developers have a range of choices. The styles and sizes of multifamily ventures, as well as the funds’ planned usage, affect the lending products available. We specialize in Multifamily property loans at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami in Palmetto Bay.

Mixed-use loans

For their mixed-use property, some borrowers will request a hard money loan. These loan schemes are provided by non-banks and private developers, and their financing choices are based on the property’s unencumbered valuation (equity). This equity ensures the lender than if the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender would be able to recoup their gains by the selling of the property. Unlike a bank loan, hard money lenders do not focus their loan decisions on the borrower’s credit record, such as poor credit, eviction, or bankruptcy history.

Construction Loans

When you borrow money to buy a home, you don’t have any leverage to back up the loan the same way you can for a conventional mortgage — at least not yet. This makes lenders anxious, so you’ll have to go through a couple more hurdles before they’ll hand over the cash. Expect a detailed review of your building designs, your contractor, and your finances. A building loan’s disbursement varies from that of a conventional loan.

Instead of a lump sum payout, lenders reimburse home building loans to the homeowner in increments known as “draws.” Each drawing refers to a main stage of the project, such as foundation pouring, painting, and finishing work. Before a draw is issued to the builder, an assessment is normally required, and the cost of that payment is based on the job done, as noted in the inspection report.

Private money loans

Our mission is to partner with you to fulfill your Miami real estate funding needs as efficiently as possible, whether it’s for a property, refinance, or bridge loan. Our private money loan, hard money loan, and broker acceptance procedures have all been streamlined.

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Hard money loans

Hard Money Loans are a form of loan that helps you to raise money easily without needing to go through a conventional mortgage lender. The loans are based on banks or corporations that lend money to you in return for the collateral (the property you will be using). When you don’t apply for conventional bank loans or don’t want to wait for them, Hard Money loans are a fast and simple way to fund a real estate property. You won’t have to go through hundreds of hurdles to receive one of these short-term loans (they normally last only a year).

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