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Commercial real estate loans

A commercial loan is a debt-based lending deal between a company and a financial entity like a bank. Having a commercial real estate loan is not the same as getting a residential loan. Lenders want to be sure that the company will afford the loan costs and you’ll be using the property for business purposes and paying back the loan in business income.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami-doral FL

Commercial and Industrial loans

Commercial and Industrial (C&I) loans are credit extensions to sole proprietorships, partnerships, businesses, and other corporate entities for commercial and industrial purposes, whether backed (other than by real estate) or unsecured, single-payment or installment. A commercial and industrial loan is a loan made to a loan rather than a person.

Multi-family loans

Any form of residential property with two or more units is referred to as multifamily housing. Duplexes and triplexes are representations of multifamily accommodation on a smaller scale. Mid-sized properties (such as garden-style apartments) and broader residential complexes are often found with multifamily housing. A multi-family housing loan for more than four houses is needed.

Mixed-Use Loans

Property of two or more purposes is referred to as mixed-use in commercial real estate. An industrial complex with stores on the ground floor or a commercial bakery with a retail outlet are also instances of this.

Government-backed loans, commercial loans, and short-term loans are the most popular forms of mixed-use property loans. We at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami in Doral have a lot of experience lending to mixed-use property owners, and we will help you see properties that some lenders might skip.

Construction loan

A construction loan is a high-interest, short-term loan used to finance the construction of a residential property. A construction loan may be used to pay for items like property, contractor labor, building supplies, and permits. Entrepreneurs and developers in need of funding for purchases, upgrades, or even development should turn to us for the best commercial real estate financing.

Private Money Loan

In banking and finance, the word “private money” is widely used. It refers to a private person or entity lending money to a company or individual. If conventional loans or sufficient cash reserves are insufficient to adequately finance a transaction, private money is a perfect option for investors to supplement their profits. Investors who can show the viability of the offer they’re interested in would be eligible to get loans from private lenders.

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Hard Money loan

Hard money loans are a form of private loan in which private lenders, rather than government-regulated financial entities, provide the financing. Hard money lenders practically do the same thing as banks: they make loans. Our flexible lending services provide borrowers with short and convenient loans based on the valuation of the mixed-use property and the ability to produce revenue, rather than on their income.

Our expertise dealing with all types of loans would support you because we will be able to help you achieve the best funding possible. Contact our team to address your criteria and establish a partnership with us so that you can finance projects efficiently and comfortably when the time comes.

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