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Commercial real estate loans

Commercial real estate loans are commonly used for the acquisition or restoration of commercial property. Lenders typically need the owner-occupied property to be leased, which ensures that the company would have to occupy at least 51% of the building. To get a commercial real estate loan, you may need to settle about the kind of commercial loan you need—depending on the property and the business—and then narrow down the lender choices to our company.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami-south miami heights FL

Commercial and industrial loans

Commercial real estate lending is used for the purchase, repair, renovation, and growth of commercial properties. Loans come in all shapes and sizes, with terms and conditions that are specific to each property and are based on considerations such as the expertise of the borrower, the investment plan, and the viability of the property. Different cities and states can differ in their approach to commercial lending.

Multi-family loans

Multifamily owners and developers have a range of opportunities when it comes to acquiring funding for their prospective purchases of real estate. The accessible lending products rely on variables such as the form and scale of the multi-family project and the planned use of the funds. We specialize in Multifamily property loans at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami in South Miami Heights.

Mixed-use loans

Any borrowers could be seeking a hard money loan for their mixed-use properties. Non-banks and private lenders sell these loan schemes and their choices to finance them are based on the unencumbered valuation (equity) of the property. This equity means that, if the lender defaults on the loan, it can be repaid by the selling of the property. Unlike a bank loan, hard money lenders do not use the borrower’s credit record, e.g. poor credit, foreclosure, or bankruptcy history, as the key criterion for a loan judgment.

Construction loans

If you borrow money to buy a home, and there is no collateral to the back of the loan to the old mortgage, it makes lenders anxious. Construction Loans function differently than a conventional loan. Lenders pay home building loans to the installment contractor, or “draws.” The drawing corresponds with the conclusion of the critical process of the completion of the work. Inspection is usually required by the draw issued by the builder. The value of the sum of the payment, and the work done by the builder, is stated in the inspection report.

Private money loans

Our mission is to work to fulfill your funding needs in Miami real estate promptly, whether it’s buying a property or refinancing, or offering bridge financing. Private money lending, as the term implies, involves obtaining funds from a single source. Private loans are used by real estate owners to cover purchases while they are unable to qualify for a traditional loan or cannot wait the usual 30-day approval period for a conventional mortgage loan.

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Hard-money loans

Hard Money Loans are a way to raise money easily without requiring conventional mortgage lenders. Loans are based on investors or organizations who lend money based on the collateral (the property you will be using). Hard Money Loans are a really fast way to fund real estate whether you’re not qualifying for conventional bank loans, or you don’t want to waste time searching for one. There are short-term loans (usually for about a year), and you won’t have to go through hundreds of hoops to secure one.

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