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Commercial real estate loans

Purchasing commercial property for either a new building or to extend a current one may be a big undertaking for a small company and may include a commercial real estate loan. Your business’ connection to this kind of loan, which in several ways parallels a residential mortgage for business property, depends on many variables that differ according to the loan source. The Small Business Administration (SBA) issues mortgage loans to companies in both entities.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami-opa locka FL

Commercial and industrial loans

Commercial and Industrial loans are extensions of credit to persons, companies, and other firms of different forms, whether secured or unsecured, single-payment, or installment-based.

Multi-family loans

If you want to invest in a 5-story apartment complex, expand an outdated quadplex, or originate the first mobile home park loan, commercial interest funding is what most people want. Commercial loans provide funding for properties throughout the county, owing to the availability of money. Individuals sometimes opt to fund a real estate transaction rather than put a large amount of cash into a normal business transaction.

Mixed-use loans

Mixed-use loans help construction enterprises and real estate developers find loans. Buildings that are part of mixed-use projects are normally zoned for residential, commercial, or industrial use. In the category of mixed-use property loans, periods vary from six months to 30 years. Our property loan experts will help you decide the right loan that suits your needs, no matter where you’re based. We specialize in Mixed-Use property loans at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami in Opa Locka.

Construction loans

Short-term or higher interest rate loans are loans that help offset the expenses of buying a home or for remodeling services. The lender issues a building finance loan to the builder, not the borrower, in installment payments when benchmarks are reached. Getting home building loans forgiven or made into permanent mortgages is either not viable or impossible. The method of buying a home is short and simple but the loan process can be difficult. Think about various loan forms and how to pick the best lender.

Private money loans

We specialize in hard money backed by real estate for our customers who’ve had trouble getting standard financing. See our full financial services segment below. Can’t get a loan from a traditional lender in Opa Locka, Miami? We will support you. We have tools to support even though you are self-employed, have a poor FICO Credit Score, or even if you don’t have evidence of profits.

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Hard money loans

Are you a real estate investor or property owner in search of hard financial money? We specialize in hard money lending in Miami. Hard money loans are cheap loans backed by real property, and it’s a convenient way to get money without using sluggish conventional bank lenders. Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami in Opa Locka specializes in offering fast cash for real estate transactions, whether you don’t qualify for a conventional bank loan or you just need quick hard cash. Call our team today.

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