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Commercial real estate loans

A commercial loan is a debt-based lending agreement between a company and a traditional bank entity. To apply for a commercial real estate loan, an entirely different form of financial loan is needed. If you are intending to use the company to create a loan payout, a property needs to make sure that the business will afford the loan payments.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami-hialeah FL

Commercial and Industrial loans

Commercial and Industrial loans are transfers of credit for commercial and industrial uses to real corporate companies, as well as sole proprietors, associations, and businesses. A commercial and industrial loan is a higher loan rate loan for enterprises rather than to a customer.

Multi-family loan

It applies to some form of rental property of any sort of multi-unit house. On the smaller end, multifamily housing can apply to duplexes, triplexes,  and penthouse apartments. The accommodation comprises mid-sized properties and larger residential buildings (such as garden-style units and larger complexes). Purchasing a duplex or multi-family home will enable you to earn a consistent income, create long-term equity and, in certain instances, ensure that you have a place to live in, in the near future.

Mixed-Use Loans

In commercial real estate, the property may also be referred to as a mixed-use structure. An indication of this is a shopping center with stores on the ground level or a commercial bakery with a retail storefront.

The most popular forms of property loans include government-sponsored loans, commercial loans, as well as short-term loans. At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami in Hialeah, we are seasoned at lending to developers interested in mixed-use properties and have insight that some do not.

Construction loans

A residential development loan is a short-term, higher-interest loan used to compensate for constructing a property. A construction loan will pay for any of the requisite building supplies, labor, and building permits promptly. We offer tailored commercial real estate lending services to help in the buying or refinancing of commercial real estate.

Private Money Loans

Private money generally applies to a concept used in banking and finance. It applies to the act of lending money on a personal or company basis.

Private money is a perfect tool for buyers to augment their profits if they are unwilling to completely finance a transaction with bank loans or general cash funds. Private lenders are more likely to offer loans to viable investments that have proven to be efficient.

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Hard Money loan

Hard money loans are private loans, which means they are issued by private lending organizations, not government-regulated financial institutions. Hard money lenders essentially do what banks do: loan money.

Our lending services are structured to provide simple loans based not on income, but on a property’s ability to produce income. We have expertise in dealing with developers in hard money loans and want to help you in securing the right funding for your project. Reaching out to our team, explaining what your needs are, and building a partnership with us would help you to finance projects quickly and easily.

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