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Commercial real estate loans

Real estate loans are typically used for buying commercial property or renovating existing properties. Lenders also demand 51% or more property from the company, implying the company would have to buy the majority of the premises. When having a commercial real estate loan, you must settle about the kind of loan you require, and then select a lender that is best qualified for the commercial kind of loan you need.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami-sweetwater FL

Commercial and industrial loans

The commercial real estate finance business covers the purchase, repair, renovation, and growth of commercial properties. Loans come in various ways and different terms and conditions that are specific with each property and are based on considerations like the expertise of the borrower, the investment plan, and the viability of a given property. The laws in various cities and states vary when it comes to commercial lending.

Multi-family loans

Developers and investors have a range of tools and funding strategies for modern real estate. The appropriate lending opportunities rely on the form and scale of multifamily housing projects and the expected intent for the down payment funds. We specialize in Multifamily property loans at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami in Sweetwater.

Mixed-use loans

A hard money loan can be sought for a mixed-use property. Non-banks and private developers sell these loan schemes and their choices to finance them are based on unencumbered property prices. This equity guarantees the lender than if the borrower fails to meet the loan payment, they will reclaim the property through a foreclosure sale. Unlike a loan from a bank, hard money lenders do not use the borrower’s credit profile, e.g. bad credit, foreclosure, or bankruptcy history as the primary criteria in the loan decision.

Construction loans

These loans are used by anyone who borrows money for a home and there is no collateral to convince the mortgage lender on how able the borrower is to repay the loan. This means you have to go through some additional hoops before you’ll get the money.

Construction loans are distributed differently than financing for a conventional loan. Compared to a lump sum amount, lenders reimburse building loans in increments, or “draws.”. Each drawing refers to a stage in the project such as setting the base, framing, and finishing. A building review is done prior to any draw, and the volume of the draw is based on the job accomplished.

Private money loans

We would work to promptly resolve all of your real estate funding requirements, whether it be property financing, refinance, or bridge financing. Private money financing involves obtaining funding from a single source. Private lending is used to finance real estate deals for individuals who are unable to qualify for a traditional loan or can’t wait the standard 30 days for a typical loan to be accepted.

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Hard money loans

Hard money loans are a way to raise money because conventional mortgage lenders are no longer involved in lending. The loans are generated by investors who loan money based on the assets you possess (the property you will be using). Hard money loans are a simple option for funding real estate properties when one does not apply for conventional bank loans or does not want to wait for a traditional bank loan to be accepted. These loans are short-term, and you won’t have to do as much to apply.

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