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Commercial real estate loans

Purchasing a commercial property to either build up a new building—store, office, factory, etc—or to extend an established facility is always a big undertaking for a small enterprise, typically funded by a commercial real estate loan. Entry to this form of a loan, which in some ways parallels a home mortgage for commercial property, relies on a variety of criteria that differ based on the source of the loan. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has services to guarantee commercial real estate loans.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami-north miami FL

Commercial and industrial loans

Commercial and Industrial (C&I) loans are extensions of commercial and industrial credit to sole proprietorships, partnerships, businesses, and other business entities, whether protected (other than real estate) or unsecured, single-payment or installment.

Multi-family loans

If you’re trying to invest in a 5-story apartment complex, develop an outdated quadruplex, or have the first mobile home park loan, multi-family lending is going to be of tremendous interest to you. In brief, funding enables borrowers with restricted net funds to purchase properties made accessible to commercial lenders around the world. Sometimes, even people with available cash in hand tend to fund an acquisition of real estate rather than lock up hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in a single transaction.

Mixed-use loans

Mixed-use loans support companies and real-estate developers fund mixed-use projects. Mixed-use buildings qualifying for funds usually have several units for various reasons, such as residential, commercial, manufacturing, or institutional. Mixed-use property loans may be both short-term and long-term, with periods varying from six months to 30 years. Our expert loan specialists will help you find the right mixed-use property loan for your company. Contact the loan professional to launch the application phase.

Construction loans

Construction loans are shorter duration, higher interest rate mortgages that fund the expense of constructing a home. The lender offers a building loan to the contractor—the borrower—in installments to the construction targets that the lender reached. For a full-time construction, loans can be converted tо permanent mortgages оr paid in full. Know the types of loans available in order to choose a lender before breaking ground.

Private money loans

We specialize in hard money backed by real estate, allowing our borrowers to access financing where conventional means have collapsed. See more down about our financial services. Can’t you get a loan from a traditional lender in Miami? Please, let us support you! We will support you even if you’re self-employed, have a poor FICO credit score, or even if don’t have evidence of profits.

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Hard money loans

Are you a real estate investor or a property owner in search of hard money? We specialize in hard-money lending in North Miami, Miami. Hard Money Loans are cheap money loans backed by real property, and it’s a convenient way to invest without utilizing sluggish conventional bank lenders. Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami in North Miami specializes in fast ways to fund real estate transactions, even when you’re not qualifying for a conventional bank loan or just searching for quick hard cash.

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