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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial real estate loans are used to buy additional commercial property, renovate current income-producing properties, or refinance existing real estate debt on a property they already hold. However, conventional real estate loans operate in a similar manner to commercial mortgage loans for individuals, there are several main variations for business owners.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami-country club FL

Commercial and industrial loans

A commercial-industrial loan is usually a short-term, low-interest loan for use in funding company growth. For these loans backed by leverage in the form of real estate purchased by the company, interest rates appear to be lower than other loan forms.

Multi-Family Loans

A multi-family dwelling is a property on which there are two to four units of housing in the same building. For example, a duplex is a common housing plan, sometimes having two different homes on one lot with a distinct living area on either side. Purchasing a duplex or multifamily home would enable you to gain consistent income, build long-term equity, and, in certain cases, guarantee you have a place to live in the foreseeable future.

Mixed Family Loans

Some people don’t recognize why multifamily properties are known to be commercial, not residential real estate. Homeowners who intend to acquire a property with a mortgage ought to hold a commercial loan.

At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami in Country Club, we specialize in structuring property-based mixed-use loans. So if you buy, invest or manage a mixed-use property, and if you can refinance your mixed-use loan, send us a call. Our commercial real estate lending department is able to assist you with your inquiries. A fully-trained and professional mortgage loan specialist would be willing to assist you in securing the sort of creative loan that will better fit your objectives.

Construction loans

These are loans for renovation to offset the material and labor expenses of constructing, storefronts, and manufacturing facilities. If the property is actively being used as collateral, it can be used to obtain a building loan (as can the building materials).

Private Money Loans

Private money loans – also referred to as private money – are loans provided to people or businesses from private institutions or rich individuals. A person or corporation is a private money lender.

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Hard Money Loans

Hard money is a means of investing money without passing it to a banking institution. Loans arise from people or borrowers who loan money based on the property the person uses as collateral.

A hard money loan is a loan backed by real property. Advanced lending loans such as Hard money loans are called short-term bridge loans. These loans are usually used in real estate deals with the lender being persons or businesses, not banks.

Knowing the different forms of loans on the market and how they’re organized will help you pick the most lucrative loan to get you off. Call Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami in Country Club, a banking advisor with all obligations, even home loans.

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