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Commercial real estate loans

A commercial loan is an agreement between a company and a financial entity, such as a bank, which is based on debt. The qualification for a commercial immobilization loan is somewhat distinct from a domestic loan. Since you can use the property for commercial purposes to pay back the loan with company proceeds, lenders want to guarantee that the loan is paid by the firm.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami-golden glades FL

Commercial and Industrial loans

C&I loans provide extensions of loans to proprietorships, associations, companies, and other corporate groups, whether secured (other than immovable) or unsecured, directly or in installments, for commercial and industrial purposes. A commercial and industrial loan is not a loan to a particular consumer, but a loan to a company.

Multi-family loans

Multifamily housing applies to residential property of some sort of two or more units. At the smaller end, duplexes or triplexes may be used as multi-family accommodation. Multifamily accommodations also involve intermediate properties (such as apartments in the garden form) and broader clusters of apartments. You need a multi-family housing loan of more than four houses.

Mixed-Use Loans

Mixed-use defines a property with two or more applications in commercial real estate. A typical example is an office building on the ground floor with retail or a commercial bakery with a supermarket. Government-backed loans, commercial loans, and short-term loans are the most popular forms of mixed-use property loans.

We have considerable experience lending to investment in mixed-use properties in the Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Miami in Golden Glades and can allow you to recognize opportunities for the future from other lenders.

Construction loan

A building loan is a short-term, higher-interest loan that supplies the requisite funds for residential property development. The expense of the property, builders, building supplies, licenses, and more may also be paid by a construction loan. We provide companies and developers with the right commercial real estate funding, covering costs including purchases, upgrades, and even construction.

Private Money Loan

In banking and finance, private money is popular. This applies to the lending of money from a private citizen or association to a company or entity. Private money is a fine option for developers to incorporate profits because they cannot finance a transaction entirely with conventional loans or cash funds available. Private loans are ready to lend to borrowers and will get the yield on the transaction on which they participate.

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Hard Money loan

Hard money loans are a type of private lending, as compared to government-regulated financial entities, loans are issued by private lenders. Many of the Hard money lenders do what banks are doing: loan money.

Our scalable lending programs, which are based on the valuation of the mixed-use property and its revenue generation capacity, include borrowers’ quick and simple loans, not on revenue. We profit from our expertise partnering with investors in mixed properties so we can determine the tenants’ combination and valuation to ensure the most beneficial funding accessible to you.

Speak to our bankers, address your concerns, and build a partnership with us to allow you to finance projects easily and rapidly.

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